Joaquin Bonilla

It all started in 2010 when I started doing sport, inspired by my dear friend Ileana Badiu. It was a tough journey where I was over 100 kg and never active before, the  power in me appeared slowly but I was surprised what can happen when the body and the mind work together for a healthier lifestyle.

The changes started to appear not only physically but most important mentally and the new lifestyle became a healthier addiction. After a while I needed what now I know as a BOOST, and this is when Alex Rosu came into my life. I met Alex, on a plane what I call a “happy accident” it was meant to be. We talked about life, health and exercise and he told me what I wanted to hear, he told me exactly what I needed and overall he told me he could offer me that “boost”.

I refer to the idea that after I lost weight I wanted to grow in volume, tone my body and look better. This is what we agreed to do, so from Paris to Bucharest we talked and I saw in him exactly what I needed. Once we started working he never let me down, he pushed me and taught me that there are no  limits, he discovered an inner strength I had no idea I had so life is better and can’t wait for what is next with Alex Rosu.

Joaquin Bonilla – Executive Creative Director

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